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ArduPilot aims to enable the creation and use of trusted, autonomous, unmanned vehicle systems for the peaceful benefit of all. ArduPilot provides a comprehensive suite of tools suitable for almost any vehicle and application. As an open source project, it is constantly evolving and being developed. The Development Team works with the community and commercial partners to add functionality to ArduPilot that benefits everyone. Although ArduPilot does not manufacture any hardware, ArduPilot firmware works on many different boards (hardware) to control unmanned vehicles of all types. Coupled with ground control software, unmanned vehicles running ArduPilot can have advanced functionality including real-time communication with operators. ArduPilot has a huge online community dedicated to helping users with questions, problems, and solutions

Business area

It provides specialized training services such as assembling, flying, and tuning of vehicle based on Pixhawk. Based on professional knowledge, 1:1 customized education, large-scale university lectures, group education, etc. are all possible. Please leave an application letter for the relevant training content on the education application tab. You can proceed 1:1 or business trip education or group education after a telephone consultation. For further consultation, please contact us at Phone



Education Class 1

450 & 550 Frame Assembly, Drone Basic Theory, Pixhwk Theory, Vehicle Setup, Flying Test


Education Class 3

800 & 1000 Frame Assembly, Vehicle Setup, Flying Test, GCS Setup


Developer Hardware

Develop various types of autonomous flight devices (drone, rover, VTOL, Sub, etc.) using Pixhawk. They also develop their own FC according to their desired mission. Please contact me at the phone number below.


Education Class 2

650 & 800 Framed Assembly, Vehicle setup, Flying Test, GCS Setup


Education Class 4

Frame Assmbly, Flying Test, GCS AUTO Flying Test, Way Point Flying Test, and various sensors Test


Developer Software

Develop firmware and operation software suitable for drone flight.Mission for desired platform based on soft and operational control for planar and QGroundControl gcs to develop. Please contact me at the number below.

Contact Us

If you have any information you want, please contact us at the phone number or email address below. I'll be glad to show you around.